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Ideally located in Savièse - homeland of winegrowers at heart - the Domaine Candide Bridy could only cultivate vines. Founded in 1961, the Domaine has not remained frozen in time.


Today the Estate favors gentle farming methods, promoting soil fertility and maintaining biodiversity.​

Herbicides are prohibited and the entire Estate is worked in organic farming.

Adhering to the Valais agro-environmental networks, the Estate thus makes it possible to create habitats favorable to fauna and flora, to connect the natural environments with each other and to maintain a diversified viticultural landscape.

The Domaine masters the production cycles as a whole and proceeds only to the cellaring of its grapes by applying state-of-the-art techniques in terms of oenology. This is why the wines are made according to proven methods, which respect the typicity of the grape varieties and their primary organoleptic qualities.

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